Lessons are private and are generally held in the client’s home. In-person indoor sessions are not feasible now. I can still help you by working in-person outdoors or remotely on-line with you. We make just as much progress as we would in-person indoors.

My work with most clients begins with teaching or reviewing basic foundation cues such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Drop it, and Leash Walking.  I have found that a solid knowledge of foundation cues solves a lot of problems!

Since each situation is different, I tailor each session to address the specific concerns of that client, their family, and their dog.  Most clients need from one to four sessions to reach their training goals. I happily provide email and phone support.

Here are some examples of issues that I help owners with:
(The names have been changed to protect the guilty.)
  • We are planning to get a dog. Can you help us pick the right one?
  • I just got Oscar, he’s chewing my house! peeing everywhere! and he doesn’t listen to me! I need help teaching him everything!
  • I just adopted Sky and I really, really need help with house-training her.
  • Mr. T doesn’t know how to go down the stairs in my house.
  • Jessie barks at my husband when he reaches down to pet her.
  • Charlie is pulling me down the street. Help!
  • Lucy doesn’t listen to me unless I’m holding a treat.
  • Edward won’t always return to me when I ask him to.
  • Stanley steals food from my counters in the kitchen.
  • Jeanie is barking and barking and barking. It’s driving me crazy!
  • Oscar tries to bite my guest’s ankles when they get up to leave.
  • George keeps peeing on my expensive rug!
  • I want Juliet to stop jumping on everybody.
  • Oreo keeps getting in my way when I’m preparing dinner.
  • SuSu runs under the couch when I want to brush her or give her a bath.
  • Arthur doesn’t like to go for walks. He tries to run home.
  • Dot goes nuts when the doorbell rings.